Monday, May 14, 2012

Of Mice and Men

My husband came home for lunch the other day and heard a noise coming from under the stove. It turns out that the trap that the Orkin man put under there months ago finally caught a rat. We live out in the country, and although I have never seen rodent droppings in my house, the cat has brought dead ones and left them on the porch as offerings (gee, thanks, kitty). It was a big spring trap, which is supposed to break the rat's neck and kill him, but that is not what happened. My husband pulled the trap from under the stove to find the poor rat caught by the testicles. He took him out to a ditch down the road and set him free (after snapping pics of it with his phone and sharing them with the entire family). The poor little guy slid out of the trap and rolled over on his back and just sat there for a few minutes before scurrying off. I don't think he will come back into my house, and hopefully he will spread the word!
No such luck at work (also out in the country). We have a Havahart trap here to catch mice. We have caught 2 in it so far, and there's at least one more that uses the trap as a buffet. The food is gone, but no mouse. Perhaps we should switch to the spring traps :(

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