Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Hate Shopping!

So, if you read my first post, you've realized I'm a bit weird. Let me expand on that.
I am a girl who hates to shop. I've always hated to shop (The only exception is a good thrift store, I can spend hours shopping if there's enough interesting stuff there). I hate clothes shopping, grocery shopping, freakin Christmas shopping (I boycott Black Friday every year)…so a lot of my motivation to make things and grow things comes from that hatred of shopping.

I recently made my own cream cheese. It was empowering! It was really good, like so good I licked the last bit out of the bowl after preparing my bagel Friday morning (I'm not generally a bowl licker :)).  I made the cream cheese from store bought yogurt (It was so freakin easy-just wrap a quart of yogurt in a clean fuzzless kitchen towel, set it in a colander in a bowl, and let it drain for about 5 hours in the fridge. You can put a saucer on top and weigh it down with cans or something to speed up the process). I got the recipe from Mother Earth News.

 Today I found a recipe for some amazing cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Of course, I have all the ingredients except for…cream cheese. I could have run to the store and picked some up, but, as the blog title reads, I hate shopping. This led to a decision to start making my own yogurt at home so that I never run out! The things I do to avoid shopping :)

Now I just need to go shopping to buy some milk and yogurt to start the first batch with. Maybe I should get a goat?

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