Friday, November 18, 2011

Will Shovel Horse Manure For Food

A decade ago, had I been informed that today I would be voluntarily shoveling horse manure, I would have laughed. However, today I actually asked someone permission to come and steal some horse manure from her property. 
I also probably would have laughed at the thought of becoming a worm farmer, but here I am, with a thriving worm farm and a pretty good garden because of it.

These guys are about to become the happiest worms, ever.

Worm Heaven!

I bought the worm farm almost 2 years ago. At first my son thought the worms were gross, but now that he has eaten a home grown cucumber, he won't eat a waxed one from the grocery store and he appreciates the work the worms do for us. I don't know if I'm willing to classify them as livestock as some worm farmers do, but they certainly help in the garden!
This year I finally grew a semi-successful, if small, garden. After harvesting about 20 green beans at one time, I figured next year, I'd better expand the garden to accommodate way more plants. This is where the manure comes in-my worms only produce about 1 cubic yard of vermicompost every 4-6 months. I need WAY more than that to grow enough food to feed my family the fresh, organic produce that we want to eat. When I harvested the vermicompost the other day,  I noticed a population explosion in the worm condo and realized I needed to move some worms out, so I decided to start another worm bin. 

This is a baby red wiggler.
You may think "Eeeeewwww!" but I think "Oojiboojiboo!"

Ok, so now you either think a) I'm weird and you will never read my blog again,  or b) I'm weird and you are anxiously awaiting my next post. Welcome all those in the b camp! 

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